Review: The Witch Sea by Sarah Diemer


Admittedly, I downloaded this short story by accident. I often use the top 100 free Kindle lists as a way to discover new authors and actually meant to download something else instead of this. In fact, when I found it on my Kindle my first thought was, “WTF? Where did this come from?”

When I started reading it, I wasn’t even sure if it was a lesbian fiction work or if some bizarre fantasy gnome snuck it onto the device. My “wtf?” thoughts continued I as read the first few pages of this book. However, that curiosity was enough to keep me wondering what the hell was going on, and I kept reading.

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This ended up being something so completely not what I expected that I am still kind of in shock. And it wasn’t really until it was over that I thought “wow, this was actually pretty good.”

It is a fantasy short story, and you do not get any erotica type scenes in it (if that is what you are looking for). There one love scene of sorts, but you don’t get a lot of detail. After looking online, I see that some people are complaining of a lack of plot, but I disagree with that.

Overall, I found this short fantasy story quite lovely. In fact, I would not hesitate to read other works by the author, Sarah Diemer. She seems to write under the pen name of ‘Elora Bishop’ as well.

Find out more about Sarah by clicking here for her website or find this book and other by her online on Amazon. She does appear to offer many in paperback as well as e-book.

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Shawna prefers fantasy books for the most part, but will read pretty much any type of fiction with LGBT characters. She prefers books with great secondary characters as well as main characters. And, she is really tired of lesbian romance novels where one character is/was straight and/or married to a guy. Despite that, she recently enjoyed Clare Ashton’s That Certain Something.

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