Review: Behind The Green Curtain by Riley LaShea

Behind The Green Curtain by Riley LaShea

This erotic lesbian romance by Riley LaShea has been on the Amazon best sellers list for a couple of months now. It’s the best lesbian fiction of 2013 for me and has been getting good reviews from other readers as well.

As soon as you start reading this one, you notice immediately that the writing is better than most of the other books on the lesfic best sellers list on Amazon. Until this book, Staying True was probably the best written of the bunch for me.

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At it’s core, this book is a HEA romance, but it has elements of erotica and suspense built into it as well. I’d read some erotica books in this genre before (mostly the Harper Bliss ones), so I knew not to go into this book (or any of the books in this genre) with high hopes for the love scenes. Well, not only were the sex scenes plentiful in this book, but they were also quite varied and extremely steamy.

I did notice a review before I bought it mentioning that the book needed a good sensual strap-on scene, yet there is a strap-on scene. So, I can only assume that the reviewer wanted a scene without two femmes, which is what the leads are in this book. That might be something worth noting if you prefer your lesfic erotica to have a butch and a femme in it.

This book definitely kept me wanting to read more and not wanting to stop for things like bathroom breaks and meals. There is lots of angst and intrigue with plenty of deliciously sexy bits in between. Definitely a great read if you like your lesfic to be a bit meatier than your average beach read. I also enjoyed that this book showed two women of different classes falling in love, which can be hard to find in this genre.

While this book has a higher price than some of the others, it is definitely worth it. Read the free sample on Amazon to decide if it is a good pick for you. The author also maintains a blog at

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Shawna prefers fantasy books for the most part, but will read pretty much any type of fiction with LGBT characters. She prefers books with great secondary characters as well as main characters. And, she is really tired of lesbian romance novels where one character is/was straight and/or married to a guy. Despite that, she recently enjoyed Clare Ashton’s That Certain Something.

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