How To Read Kindle Books Without A Kindle Device


If you are new to e-books, then you might not realize that you do not actually need to own one of the Kindle devices in order to be able to actually read a Kindle book.

In fact, Kindle books can be read on a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a tablet and a smartphone. Some people actually prefer to read them on a table or a desktop computer since the screen size is actually larger than that of a Kindle.

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Amazon has a page dedicated to all the ways that you can read Kindle books right here: Free Kindle Reading Apps.

You will notice that most of the books that are featured here on are Kindle books, so we encourage you to take advantage of one of the free Kindle apps to enjoy some of these reads.

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Shawna prefers fantasy books for the most part, but will read pretty much any type of fiction with LGBT characters. She prefers books with great secondary characters as well as main characters. And, she is really tired of lesbian romance novels where one character is/was straight and/or married to a guy. Despite that, she recently enjoyed Clare Ashton’s That Certain Something.

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