Here at Wilde Times Tavern, we’re just like you – we enjoy LGBT entertainment, but would love see more LGBT characters in movies and TV, as well as read more books with LGBT characters and books written by LGBT authors. But often it is really difficult to not only find entertainment options with LGBT themes among all the other stuff on the market, but finding the good stuff is even more difficult. That’s really frustrating, which is why we started this site.

We want to help people like us find those really great LGBT books, movies, TV shows, etc. And we want to help indie creators who are writing those great books and making those movies/TV shows get the exposure that they need to be able to continue creating them.

Right now, we are a very small team – so if you have read a really great lesbian, gay, trans or any other type of LGBT fiction book or see something great on TV or at the movies, then let us know! Not only do we want to share it with others, but we probably want to check it out ourselves!

Since we are most familiar with lesbian media, the site will have a noticeable slant to the L in LGBT until we grow. If you can suggest good gay, trans and bi entertainment, then don’t hesitate to share it with us!

And if you are an creator of LGBT entertainment, then we would love to help you spread the word about your creations. Please get in touch with us today.